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We’re a production-led agency alternative

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production work in lock-step

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Often internal creative teams already have an idea. They may even have art direction and a campaign line. Which means you probably don’t need a concept overhaul that undoes the work that’s already been approved. That’s where Miniac shines – we build-off and build-out what you’ve already started instead of suggesting you start from scratch. We’re the ideal partner if you need creative support elevating the idea and a production team to execute.

Team of Specialists

  • Documentaries are edited differently than music videos.
  • Comedy writers don’t usually write manifestos.
  • Strategists that work on sports brands aren’t necessarily the best fit for an alcohol brand.

We believe creating work that works starts with casting a special team for each project, not inheriting whomever is available.

on making

Production-led means we move into making faster than a traditional agency. Which means more budget goes on screen than into overhead and overthinking. We work with you to allocate more money from payroll-heavy costs to production: talented directors and editors, beautiful locations, high-end post treatments and much more, more often.

Less waste
results in more
money on screen

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