Helping Adidas launch a first-of-its-kind shoe that left nothing to waste.

Case Study Film 

A shoe that’s Made To Be Remade

A shoe that never has to be thrown away. You run it down and return it, adidas grinds up and remakes it. This was revolutionary. 
Miniac was tasked with launching this groundbreaking design, which we did in a campaign starring Willow Smith. 
Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 3
The anthem film and 360 immersive experience highlighted the power of recyclability and gave global creators the product to beta test. We had everyone from artists to athletes and activists put the shoe through its paces, testing everything about it. And we took their critiques to heart for the forthcoming design of the Gen 2 shoe.
Loop 27
Loop 26

“Futurecraft Loop is an experiment in the circular economy.”

– Fast Company
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