With the launch of PRIMEBLUE, we helped adidas provoke the tide of change.

End Plastic Waste.

When it came to the health of our planet, adidas knew plastic was a big problem. Hell, everyone knew plastic was a big problem. But what they didn’t know was that adidas was set to lead the charge towards change. Made with Parley Ocean Plastic®, PRIMEBLUE was created to provide performance without compromise.

Miniac’s charge was to launch PRIMEBLUE to increase perception of adidas as a leader in the fight against plastic, creating demand and driving sell-through of the brand’s sustainability products.

Primeblue 6
We elevated and told this story through CGI that helped us visualize the plastic-ending process in a way that real footage could never do. In the end, we told the story of how 11 million plastic bottles became one million shoes.
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Primeblue 1

“Exciting and visceral…a solution that people can get excited about.”

– Forbes
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